First Pitch Perfect: The Journey To The Majors (Step Four: Travel Ball)

So if you've been following along, I'm on a journey to throw out a Ceremonial First Pitch at a Cleveland Guardians playoff game. Lofty goal, but that's what we're going for. Anyways, the point of the series is that to move on to the next step, I have to throw a Strike. Placing a ball on the tee was an automatic. Tossing it underhand in coach pitch was easy. Threw a strike from about 50 feet in 11u. And then was squeezed by Angel Hernandez in High School in the last episode.

As I said last time:

1. The camera angle change came from my follow through getting in the way on the main camera. We did the best we could, and our angle will be different moving forward.

2. The pitch was right over the middle of the plate. There's zero doubt about it. I will admit it was slightly up in the zone, but I would also say that it was such a good pitch that my catcher (Oklahoma commit) hopped up to come shake my hand already. It definitely was a strike. And the "I gauged my zone on how tall the catcher was" set me over the edge.

Anyways, took my Ball like a man, as well as the punishment of going backwards for dropping a Jesus Christ at a Catholic game. And that brings us to today's video, which is posted at the top, as well as here. 

If you've made it this far, you know it was a Strike. Right down the fucking cock.


Kid didn't even have to move his glove. No frame job needed. Would've been a bullseye on the dart board.

But enough about the last one, it's time to move forward immediately. Due to a rapidly ending High School and College season, we're back at High School tonight for the STATE PLAYOFFS.

I'm honestly not sure what will happen if I don't throw a Strike tonight. This first pitch had to be cleared with the Illinois High School Association, and if we don't get to a conference tourney this weekend for college, I'm not sure the NCAA will clear us for a Regional game.