I've Never Supported Someone More Than This Guy Who Rips The Wheels Off His Luggage To Save Baggage Fees

NY Post- He was wheely mad.

An alarmed airline passenger slapped with a surprise fee for a piece of barely-oversized luggage was able to save a bundle — and beat the system — by breaking the coasters off of his roller suitcase, much to the amusement of fellow travelers.

The drastic act took place at the airport in Palma, Mallorca, where a man named Daniel was preparing to board a short flight to the Spanish mainland, only to be alerted by a Ryanair agent that he owed an extra $76 for his just-over-the-limit bag, The Sun reported.

“I told Ryanair it cost me 30 Euros ten years ago and I wasn’t going to pay the 70 Euros they were asking me for,” Daniel recounted.

“So I decided to break it…It would have cost me more to check the case in than I spent on the flight,” he pointed out.

Absolutely love this. LOVEEEEEEE this move. In times when your back is up against the wall you have to act swiftly. In time when you think you have to stand your ground for what you believe in instead of getting screwed over, you must act fast. That's precisely what this guy does here. Swift action to avoid getting absolutely fucked over. 

Let's face it, baggage fees are an absolute scam. We know it and the airlines know it. I am also not holding a Master's Degree In Air Science, but a 32 lb bag cannot be that much of a risk to a 30 lb bag yet all you see is airlines treating you like scumbags if your bag is an ounce over and looking to bang you out and over the head with some sort of bullshit fee etc. I have no idea if the dimensions they allow for bags is even really based on the bin size. I feel like they cut off a few inches just to fuck with us. 

So shoutout to this guy who absolutely stood his ground and decided quickly to tear off his wheels and say "fuck your fees, I ain't paying them." He realized the suitcase needed to be updated anyway and the fees outweighed how much buying a new one would cost so he just wrecked it. All while the staff had to stand by and realize "He got us." Not a damn thing they could do when he beat the system. Let it be a lesson try to fuck the people, they will fuck you right back. Also love the people cheering. Fuck the system!