America's Favorite Big Fella Is No More - DJ Burns Has Lost 45 Pounds Before The NBA Draft, Wants Everyone To Know It's Without Ozempic

Man, what the hell is this? I don't want DJ Burns to lose weight, I want DJ Burns to destroy the NBA while being America's Favorite Big Fella. It's part of his charm. I get it, you need to be in shape and everything to get a shot at the NBA. Do whatever it takes, all those cliches. But what is he now? America's Favorite Husky Fella? That doesn't sound right. America's Big Boy? Okay, that one may work, he's still got the big fella aura. But credit to him, especially to make sure everyone knows it's not because of ozempic.

My one question here is, what the hell is he doing different? The man played big time college basketball and didn't lose 45 pounds. How do you switch up your routine over 6 weeks to do something like that after years of major college basketball? I'm sure he might have a new trainer or switched up his workout, but the fact he lost it all after playing is really the magic of the story here. 

Look, I don't know if DJ Burns is going to make the NBA. He's got incredible footwork, good touch, good passer, there might be a spot for him. I just know a man who is the Vending Machine can't be losing 45 pounds all willy-nilly. Still one of the most magical runs the NCAA Tournament has seen. Going from having to win the ACC Tournament, be an 11-seed, beat a rival in the Elite Eight. Ridiculous and it was thanks to DJ Burns. Already know he's gonna be a Summer League star.