It's Hard To Argue Anyone Is A Worse Driver Than LaMelo Ball After Watching This Video Compilation Of Him Peeling Out Of The Hornets Arena

A family in Charlotte recently filed a lawsuit against LaMelo Ball after he allegedly drove over their 11-year-old son's foot when he was trying to get an autograph. I'm going to go ahead and steer clear of all the legal mumbo jumbo that that entails. 

I'm not a fan with having to work around "allegedly". When there are cold hard facts to write about, that makes my job a whole lot easier. And the fact of the matter here is that LaMelo Ball flat out fucking sucks at driving. And this video serves as all the evidence you need. 

This man doesn't give a flying heck about the rules of the road. And listen, I hate a red light just as much as the next guy. Red lights are the devil. Especially when you have a baby in the back of the car who is about to fall asleep, but is going to lose their goddamn mind if the car comes to a stop. Somehow those always seem to be the longest lights possible. So I get wanting to treat red lights as just mere suggestions. 

The only issue is can't do that. Pretty sure it's against the law. That's a fact. And if we're just sticking to the facts here on this story, the facts say that LaMelo Ball drives like a dick bag. Quite a shocking revelation. I'm sure LaVar always made sure his boys abiding by traffic laws.