BOOOOOOOO: A New Report Basically Confirms The Dumbest Decision And Next Year Will Be The Last Season Of 'Inside The NBA'

Fuck this. I know we should have expected it coming based on all the different reports coming out but now it's basically official. The NBA is going back to NBC and Amazon. It sucks. Does Roundball Rock rule as a theme song? Sure, it brings me back to arguably the greatest time we lived in and the 90s. But it's not worth losing this over. 

I don't care if the NBA is getting more money. That has no impact on my life. My life is impacted by having to train my brain that the NBA is on a different channel now. It's the worst. I'm a man of tradition. I'm a man who knows when certain games are on certain channels on certain days and I go right there. It's all about the comfort zone and now we're losing arguably the most comfort show on television. Inside the NBA isn't great because of in depth analysis, we can get that anywhere. It's great because it's four friends sitting around busting balls and talking shit. That's what I want. I don't want some guy talking about how players are taking advantage of the Spain Pick and Roll. 

And we already know that this group is breaking up. Ernie Johnson is staying with TNT. He's the glue guy here. You can move Barkley to anything and he's going to be great, but Ernie is the guy who keeps the entire show together. I always say he's the uncle who is babysitting for a weekend, trying to keep everyone's composure but gets caught up and enjoys the fun too much. He's one of the guys and when he starts busting balls the show becomes even better. 

I will argue with anyone that this is the funniest moment in the history of TV

Better than any sitcom, any SNL skit, anything. Chuck and Shaq dying laughing at police presence should be played at least once a month. Even worse? This was tweeted out yesterday: 

I don't know if it's me getting old or what, but having to go to Amazon for the NBA just sucks. TNT had an awesome lineup of the show, commentators, everything. Not worth trading that for Roundball Rock on NBC again.