Smart Business: The Bulls Apparently Don't Want To Make Any Trades With The Lakers Because They Don't Want To Help LeBron's Legacy

I know it might sound dumb to refuse to trade with any team, especially one outside of your division, but this is actually smart business. The Bulls have one thing and one thing going for them. Michael Jordan played there, became the best player in the history of the game and won all those titles. Outside of that the Bulls are just a middle of the road at best franchise. They are stuck in no-man's land. They are stuck doing the play-in fight, maybe winning a game in the playoffs and saying they can grow the next year. 

And yeah, like they explain the Bulls don't do a lot of trades in general. But it's hilarious that people are even talking about how they won't trade with the Lakers so they don't help LeBron's legacy. That's how you hold onto the past as much as possible. Who cares if you need to blow up the team, get new guys in there and what not. It's all about refusing to help LeBron. 

It also makes me wonder how many teams have these sort of ideas. Maybe not just for LeBron, but who won't they trade with. Imagine also someone doing this for like Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets or if the Mavs win this year and Luka. Just flat out refusing to pick up the phone is incredible business plays. Why maybe help your team if there's a risk of helping someone else? Can't have that on your resume. 

Also what are the odds MJ called this favor in? I don't think he necessarily did, but it's closer to 50% than I think. Can't wait to see the Bulls finish 9th in the East next year and run it back. Some things in life just don't need to change.