This Bar That Serves A Beer/Shot/Scratch-Off Combo Is Revolutionary


Stop the clocks...let's take a closer look at that menu!



Everything on that menu is perfect. The classic PBR/Jameson combo…but they throw in a toy. The Coors/Kentucky G Whiskey, another classic. AND THEN THE FUN BEGINS!

"Scratch This" being Narragansett and Jim Beam with a side of a scratch off is so revolutionary it's making my head spin. I feel like when people found out about email. "You mean you don't need a stamp?". Something so simple to us now that made us lose our minds back in 1994, that's how I feel right now. A side of a scratch off, how did we not think of that sooner?

And then the rest of the menu…really just a chef's kiss. My favorite is the Bartender's Breakfast, a breakfast I've had all too often over the last few years. It's been a rough few years, I recommend it.

And to close it off, the most diabolical combo I've ever seen. If you order a Guiness with a 99 Bananas, bless your heart. Just don't bomb it. Or actually…do bomb it. A 99 Bananas Guiness bomb, yep, go for it my friends.

So here's a game---- where do you think this bar is? Boston, right? WRONG! Oh, then gotta be somewhere like…Wisconsin, good ol' midwest hospitality. Wrong again! It's in…..drumroll please….DC! That's right, this bar is in Shaw in DC. I was stunned at first, and then angry this never came across my radar before. Next time I'm in DC I will make this wrong a right.