Easiest Decision Ever: Shane Gillis' Show 'Tires' Has Already Been Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix, Days Before Season 1 Even Drops

Look, comedy is starting to come back to normal. People have finally realized that everyone complains about shit all the time and none of it matters. If it's funny we're going to watch. If it's funny, people with a brain will laugh. Everyone else will just bitch and moan into the void and those in their small circle of nothing will compliment them for being brave. Fuck that. 

This had to be a no-brainer. Shane Gillis is everywhere. From being shirtless in a pool with football guys to walking with Frank the Tank to SNL to meeting Steph Curry to now this. 

The guy is on top of the world right now. He's one of the biggest names in the comedy game and just continues to grow. 

Now we already have season 2 before the show even drops this week. Easiest call ever. Like I said, if it's funny we're going to watch and from the clips out there it looks great. 

Part of me hopes we get a weekly show again and not just binge it all at once. I know, that might be unpopular but I miss the days of everyone waiting for 9pm on a Thursday to watch the same thing. Throw that in there and we're really getting back to the good old days. Just goes to show you guys who went to high school in central Pennsylvania are the most successful ones.