Speed Tours, Roast Tours, Don't Give A Shit Tours: Gen Z Realtors Are Dominating The Housing Game

Move aside millennials, the HGTV snooze fest era is over and Gen Z is here to sell you a home, fast. (I came across this first one today which sent me down a rabbit hole so bare with me):


If you're in Pennsylvania/Maryland and hoping to buy in a hurry, Trent Miller is the guy for you. Incredibly refreshing series to watch after a lifetime of HGTV making a single tour take an entire hour. This video has racked up 20.8M views in just six days, and with less than a year on TikTok he's already got nearly 420M followers. This is extra impressive when you learn Miller is ONLY 19 YEARS OLD and this is his first year in real estate. 

Miller's initial videos were boring.. Just standing in front of tiny white boards earnestly talking about the benefits of investment properties or whatnot in between vids of him at the gym (classic), but in April he posted his first speed tour and took off like a rocket. Going through his old stuff he actually walks the talk when it comes to the #grind. You almost want to roll your eyes (His inspiration? Grant Cardone, 10X!!!!) but goddamnit I can't help but genuinely root for him & know he's gonna keep blowing up. 


Chelsea Snyder down in Baton Rouge, LA is my personal favorite as a lot of her 'House Tours No One Asked For' involve roasting herself and potential homebuyers with a perfect, dry delivery. 

"You probably can't afford this one but I'm gonna show it to you anyway, for your vision board."

"I already know what you're about to say, 'But that kitchen is so small!'. Baby, you do not cook. You Doordash a minimum five times a week. This [kitchen] right here should be the least of your worries."

Plus she's extremely clever with the meme/viral clip integration. She doesn't have half a million followers yet like Miller does, but please still buy a home from her or she's gonna have to start selling feet pics. I watch all her tours all the way through and if you're looking to kill some time I highly recommend that over dream-scrolling Zillow with an out of reach budget. 


"This shit's a fucking Perry Home on the West Side!"

A fucking Perry Home?! Say no more, Closed With Carlos AKA Carlos Lizama of San Antonio. I'll put in an offer today. 

This is the first realtor I've ever seen end a home tour getting yelled at by a Karen because he was yelling too loud on a lawn (collab with Stu Feiner incoming?), and he handles it like a pro. 

Whether he's in a fancy suit, cutoff jean shorts, or clogs n socks, you're gonna get top notch treatment (and maybe some vodka) from Lizama. Plus all his yards are carne asada certified. Like Miller, I wanted to roll my eyes at first but goddamnit, he's super likable and you can tell he legit cares/works his ass off. Just scroll a few of his posts and you'll find yourself wanting him to sell all the "cathedral ass lookin' homes" he can. 

I know some folks might hate all of these, but I find 'em very refreshing. It is TOUGH out there right now (Dudes can't even buy houses! - Billy Football), buying a home is super intimidating and nerve-racking, and realtors willing to poke fun at themselves & shake off the stuffy, traditional ways are gonna be the ones getting the most eyeballs & making sales. It's opposite of all the Selling Sunset style real estate we've had shoved at us and, going off their views, people have been hungry for it… I'd feel more comfortable reaching out to Miller, Snyder or Lizama to learn more about a home than I would Jason Oppenheim any day. ("No shit, Kate, you're a trash bag anyways and barely have a savings account." Ok dang, fair enough!). Anyways, here's one more realtor to add to your rolodex: