The Lakers (AKA LeBron) Have Reportedly Made Donovan Mitchell Their #1 Trade Target, But Dan Gilbert Reportedly Would NEVER Trade Him There

So this article came out two days ago in which an NBA insider at The Athletic reported that the Lakers number one trade target this off-season would be Donovan Mitchell. And I will say, it makes complete sense for THEM. Adding Donovan Mitchell would instantly give the Lakers the best Big Three in the league, and the players would compliment eachother very well. LeBron could play that Point Guard role that he ends up taking over anyways, Mitchell could score the ball, and AD would be their post. The Lakers would go from a playoff contending team to a title contending team real quick.

....but why would the Cavs do that? There's not one player on that entire roster that I want, LeBron included. And if we give them Donovan Mitchell, their draft picks will be shit as well. It makes no sense from a roster perspective, but from a vindictive Clevelanders perspective, it also makes zero fucking sense to give LeBron another shot at the Los Angeles. 

And it's great to fucking read this morning that there's someone else who agrees with me. And that man goes by the name of Dan Gilbert. Profession: OWNER of the Cavs. 

ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! But I must be honest, the crux of the story comes from this following quote, not the fact that Gilbert hates LeBron's guts:

“Gilbert and Koby Altman would look for a lucrative package of multiple draft picks and one or two young players with star potential in a Mitchell trade. For example, a source told Hoops Wire that the Cavaliers would ask for Tyler Herro and Jaime Jaquez Jr. from the Heat in Mitchell trade talks if it gets to that point.”

Exactly what I said in the first place. Donovan Mitchell for a year, perhaps more, is worth wayyyyy more than the Lakers can offer. But I don't give a fuck if the Lakers had the best draft pick package in the league, Dan Gilbert ain't sending a Top 15 player in the league to LeBron James. NO CHANCE. Put it in Comic Sans when you respond to the Lakers front office. I don't care what anyone says, whether they want to call LeBron James a "personal guest" of Dan Gilbert when he came to the playoff game this year or not, Dan Gilbert hates LeBron's guts. Even if LeBron does come back, it would be Gilbert using LeBron, not the other way around.

But of course you can't tell these LA / LeBron stans anything. Lakers fans on Twitter saying this report is spiteful of Dan Gilbert (it is) despite the Lakers being able to offer Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura need to be put down. Donovan Mitchell makes the Lakers a title favorite next year. Austin Reaves and Rui make us….competitive in the play-in round? This report of Gilbert 100% not trading Mitchell to the Lakers is 100% truthful, even if Dan Gilbert has been known to lie before.

Why did he have to include the personal deal. But either way, no deal with the Lakers for Mitchell. Plus, I say we keep Mitchell and deal Garland anyways. (Not to the Lakers, either)