Victor Wembanyama Continues To Make NBA History After Becoming The First Rookie Ever To Make The NBA All-Defensive First Team

Thearon W. Henderson. Getty Images.

You know what? Despite what some of you may think I'm going to do after seeing the All NBA Defense results, I actually have zero problems with how things shook out. Sure it's a bit of a snub that the best defensive guard this year in Derrick White made 2nd team, but that's just a product of this new position-less world we now live in when it comes to All NBA. There's not a single guy who made 1st Team that I would say was undeserving, and my guess is this is pretty much the structure we're going to see moving forward. First Team will be mostly headlined by bigs and one wing, and then the Second Team will be all the remaining worthy guards/wings.

It's not often that we see voters get both of these teams right, but that's honestly the case here. I'm sure there will be some out there that don't watch a lot of Pelicans basketball who may be curious why Herb Jones made 1st Team, but they shouldn't be. He's arguably the best wing defender in basketball at the moment. All the guards on the 2nd team are incredible defenders, and McDaniels is arguably the current 2nd best wing defender in basketball. All in all, there should be no real complaints. Even Heat fans can stop crying about Bam! He got his recognition!

What I would instead like to focus on is Victor Wembanyama continuing to make NBA history


Remember a few weeks ago what Wemby had to say about Gobert winning DPOY?

It doesn't sound all that crazy now, does it? 

With this All NBA 1st Team Defense nod, I think it's safe to say that Wemby completely delivered on his hype entering the Draft, and then when things went up another level after Summer League ended and we prepared for the season. Hell, he probably exceeded it if we're being honest because there basically wasn't an adjustment period. He was dominant on both ends of the floor from the second he stepped onto a court. What ever happened to all that bullshit about his frame and how he would be bullied by grown men and NBA bigs? Nope. Didn't really happen. In fact, he was the one doing the bullying.

I mean watch this shit

The fact that offensive players would refuse to even think about shooting the ball whenever Wemby was in the vicinity of the basket is all you need to see. It's the same shit you see with Gobert and the elite rim protectors in the league. 


Not only are we seeing a generational offensive talent, but we're also seeing a generational defender when it comes to Wemby. How many players can you seriously say that about throughout NBA history? I'm not sure you get to a second hand if you were to list them all out. And remember, this is the worst that Wemby is going to be. Imagine what he looks like 3 years from now when he's still years away from his NBA prime?? Talk about devastating. Think of how many generational defenders we've seen throughout history, and none of them have done what Wemby just pulled off, and he's doing it at a time in the NBA where offense has never been better and the league continues to make life tougher and tougher for defenders. 

It's been said before but I'll say it again. If you root for a team that has hopes of winning an NBA title, you better get that shit quick. Before you know it the Spurs are going to bring in a legit point guard to boost this roster and then it's a wrap for everyone. 

Wemby is coming, and from the looks of things there isn't going to be much anyone can do to stop him on either end of the floor.