Barstool New Hire: Alliance Training

Don't worry, new hires, I've got just what you need. This is your official alliance guide to Barstool Sports. As you know, this company thrives on drama. Never run from it; if anything, embrace it. However, always enter it of your own volition. This is why I sat down with Hank to give you, the newest hire, a proper breakdown of who's on whose side, so you don't walk into a war you didn't enlist in.

This list is pretty straightforward for the most part. Dave Portnoy rides and dies for his guys. Big Cat rides for BSS Chicago, Ryders, and partially for Nadu. Hank is strictly Ryder and BSS Chicago. Any other employee can live a long and peaceful life as long as they are loyal to the Stool. 

However, things get a little hairy when it comes to Rico Bosco. As someone who is unfamiliar with the last 15 years of beef, I've realized it is important to know which side of the line your fellow co-workers or even friends outside the office fall on.

If you made it this far into the blog, I know you can read, so there's no point in me going over all of Rico's allies. It's the enemies that need explaining.

No Fly List- aka Jeff Nadu. These two have been going at it for years, and although they "buried the hatchet" there is still plenty of hatred between the two. So if you want to be a Ryder, you can not have Nadu as an ally.

.212 Hitter & The Cowboy: 

.212 hitter is Paul LoDuca. I have no clue how or why they have beef but they do. The Cowboy Black Jack Fletcher, former Barstool employee, their beef also resides within gambling lines. 

Novel Fore Play Guy:

Aka Book It With Trent. This is a new war that has just begun. Although Rico has never met Trent he finds him deplorable.


Mo'ne Davis:

12 year old Little league baseball pitcher (girl).


No one knows who he is or what he looks like, but this is public enemy number 1 outside of Nadu.

Al Qaeda:

I mean this one is just common sense. Al Qaeda should be on everyone's shit list.

Credit Card Stealer:

Aka Doug Gottlieb. Not quite sure where the beef came from but here's a funny clip of Rico yelling at him during the Dozen. Skip to 17 minute mark.


All the other names on the enemy list are pretty self explanatory. As of now this is all I got. This list is never final. I will continue to add to the list as enemies are made.