Report: Khabib Nurmagomedov Escaped Russia After Owing $3M in Taxes

Are Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s businesses in jeopardy? It is said that the former UFC champion was asked to pay over 300 million roubles (or around $3.3 million) after the Federal Tax Service, Russia’s tax collection agency, found discrepancies in some of the businesses owned by ‘The Eagle’. This prompted it to order a full audit of the numerous companies owned by the Dagestani or in which he had stakes and seats on the board. Amid these legal troubles, sources suggest that Nurmagomedov has changed his nationality.

According to multiple reports from Russian journalists, Khabib Nurmagomedov has obtained UAE citizenship, likely for tax purposes. The reports state that Khabib is facing allegations from the Russian Federal Tax Service of owing over 300 million rubles (approximately $3.3 million) due to discrepancies in his business expenses. This has led to a comprehensive audit of his numerous ventures, including the freezing of accounts of some of his companies like Eagle FC. Amidst these tax controversies in Russia, Russian journalists claim that Khabib has acquired UAE citizenship. The UAE is known to grant citizenship to individuals with exceptional talents, which would apply to Khabib's martial arts prowess and success in MMA. Obtaining UAE citizenship would allow Khabib to avoid paying taxes in Russia, as residents of the UAE do not pay income tax. This move is seen as a significant shift for the former UFC champion and is likely motivated by the substantial tax issues he is facing in Russia. While Khabib's team has denied the allegations of tax debt, the reports from Russian journalists and the actions taken by Russian tax authorities suggest that acquiring UAE citizenship is a strategic move by Khabib to address his financial and legal challenges in Russia.

I mean this is a bad look for Khabib and Russia. Khabib is the best export Russia has had besides oil in the 21st century. Khabib should be getting the Ovechkin treatment from Putin. Also if he can't pay $3million dollars he may not be as rich as we think. However, the UAE has no personal income tax. So you make money and it's your money. That's pretty awesome. Only a 5% added on goods and services. Russia meanwhile makes you pay 13% and 15% if you make above $55k a year. 

I mean Khabib could just fight McGregor again for $100m and make all of this go away but they are both way to rich for that. 

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