Xander Schauffele Confirms The Most Important And Best Part Of The Wannamaker Trophy Is The Fact He Can Chug Champagne From It

It's no secret the best part of winning something is the celebration after. Everyone has their own thing. Some go travel, some just get blasted with their friends and family, some do something in the middle. Whatever it might be, you need to party after winning something as important as a golf major. But the key here is the fact that you can drink out of the trophy. Xander made sure to do that. 

Look at the man. That's a guy who is thrilled to finally shed the 'he can't close' or 'he won't ever win a major' label. He set a scoring record, think of Valhalla any way you want, he did it. He finished with a birdie on 18 and not the easiest putt. You try standing over a 6-footer on those greens knowing you need to make one. 

It is hilarious how much this will live on though: 

Obviously it's just a replica, but you treat that bad boy like it's the real thing. I'd put it right in my room which I'm starting to think Xander did since he says he wakes up and sees it every day. That should be the centerpiece, move it room to room with you. You win, you get to do anything you want.

But the lesson here is simple. Drinking from a trophy you won is better than any other beer. It's as elite as elite gets.