You Are Old: Auburn Has Offered 2028 RB Chris Davis III, Son of THAT Chris Davis

I'm sorry, what the fuck? I know we all march closer to the impending fate of eternal darkness each day, but there's no way we're this old. And yet, it seems like we may only be four years away from seeing another Chris Davis playing football at Auburn.

Given that Davis III is only going into his freshman year of high school, I assume this offer is partly just Auburn ceremonially being one of the first schools to offer him a scholarship. But if Davis has a real, commitable offer to AU by the time he's ready to play college football, he doesn't have a choice to play anywhere else. We can't have the heir to one of the best moments in college football history playing at Michigan State or Arizona. He has a legacy to uphold.

And I must also say that while I'm sure the offers Davis has right now might not end up meaning anything in four years, he looks pretty good in his highlight tape. I guess that's against middle school competiton, but you play who's on the schedule.

Imagine the scenes of Chris Davis III back to return a kick against Alabama. Chills.