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The A's Announcer May Have One Upped Her Previous "Worst Call Ever" With Another Absolutely Horrible Gem

So Jack Mac blogged this last month, calling it the worst play-by-play call in the history of baseball, as well as perhaps all of sports. And honestly, I think he undersold how bad it was. We're talking about an RBI double off the wall in the 9th inning to tie up the ball game, giving the A's runners on first and third with nobody out......and her voice inflection never changes. "How about we have ourselves an even game?" is so bad that it might actually be good. But either way, that's old news for Jenny Cavnar. She got back in the lab, practiced her calls, and had quite the impressive redemption call the other night against the Royals.

"It is going to have a chance......". It hit 3/4 the way up the fucking scoreboard! Which is BEHIND the bullpen! Every single person in the ballpark knew that shit was gone off the bat. I mean, the Pitcher pulled a classic no-look at the ball, and Brent Rooker put his head down and started jogging before it 

Catcher damn near broke his neck with how quick he whipped it around. The ball may have traveled 500 feet if it wasn't for the scoreboard, but Jenny Cavnar had to see it hit the moon before changing from going to have a chance to gone. Look I don't mean to nitpick on someone the internet continues to pile up on, but that's funny right there.