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In The Least Shocking News Of All Time, NYC-Dublin Portal Founder Says People Acting Like Idiots Is "A Reflection Of The Current State Of Humanity"

Spencer Platt. Getty Images.

NY Post- The man behind of the infamous NYC-Dublin portal defended his creation on Monday, saying it’s a “reflection of the current state of humanity” — from the joys of seeing loved ones across the world to lewd gadflies willing to flash their unmentionables at strangers.

“It shows that we humans are doing very human things. It also reflects our current state of humanity,” Benediktas Gylys told The Post during a visit to the Flatiron location Monday.

“We see a lot of light, a lot of laughs, a lot of smiles, love, marriage, proposals. But we also see some attention seeking. Trying to gain followers, gain clicks, gain narratives — some darkness.”

File this one under "No shit". Benediktas Gylys says that people acting like clowns is "a reflection of the current state of humanity." Ugh you think? This guy tried to create something cool that's purpose was to see loved ones, and experience technology, and maybe learn how the other half lives. It's a testament to how far we've come as a society to have such advanced things like this, insane technology that people years ago dreamed of, and what do we do with it. Act like idiots. It reminds me of the scene in Boy Meets World. 

I want to ask this guy what did he expect. People in the USA act like dopes all day long, and NYC might be the biggest pack of crazies on the planet. Did he expect to put a two way mirror in the middle of the city and not think it would have negative effects? If we're doing the blame pie here, I go 50 50 here. 50% is on the lunatics in NYC for not being able to have nice things, and 50% on this guy for creating it in the first place. It's like the old story when the Mets trashed a plane in 1986. Should the players have acted like morons? No, but should the staff have given them cake? Fuck no. You have to be able to scout a situation and in the case of the plane and the cake, as well as the portal- those in charge should have realized that for the small amount of people who would behave and enjoy it, the massive number of people who would abuse it greatly outweighs it so it's better to never off the option. "A reflection of the state of humanity" indeed.