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Cameron Brink Continues Her Generational Marketing Run Since Getting To The WNBA, This Time Throwing The First Pitch At The Dodgers Game

So Ohtani and Cameron Brink met last night at the Dodgers game and forgive me for immediately thinking they'd be the power couple of the century. They're the two chosen LA stars when my glorious king LeBron retires and leaves the city in ruins, they're the ones who are going to have to pick it up. Brink has been on a generational run in the last year, and I was crucified when I called her the best player in women's college basketball last season. That's been even more amplified since she got to LA and is seemingly on every podcast and at every game. New Balance on at all times. Marketing genius. No free ads but this may be a top 3 ad of all time:

Double that with the SKIMS launch that had her at the forefront and Brink's throwing 100 on the black pitch after pitch:

And look at how Ohtani had Cameron giggling? Baby Gronk rizzing up Livvy Dunne levels to this. 

I hope he doesn't have a girl at home, because once she sees this, it's straight to the couch for Shohei. No interpreter, just vibes. That's special stuff. Can't wait to raise my Sparks and Dodgers banners this season.


By the way.. the pitch? Perfect.