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Mark Zuckerberg Celebrated His 40th Birthday By Sneaking Down To Panama To Board His Birthday Present...A Brand New $300 MILLION Super Yacht Named "Launchpad"

Source - Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg reportedly flew to Panama to celebrate his 40th birthday — where the billionaire’s alleged brand-new $300 million superyacht was docked.

Zuckerberg, who has been linked to the 387-foot-long vessel called “Launchpad” for months but has never publicly confirmed whether he is the owner, traveled to the Central American nation on Monday by private jet, according to tracking data viewed by Business Insider.

Launchpad and its smaller companion vessel, Wingman, were also docked in Panama on the same day, the outlet said, citing ship-tracking data.

I gotta tell ya...he's growing on me. I've never been a big Zuck guy, but this? This sneaking away in the middle of the night to board your brand new $300 million super yacht somewhere off the coast of Panama is exactly what I want out of my billionaires. Enough with the living below your means bullshit. I want extravagance, I want drama, I the GDP of a developing nation spent on a super yacht that you'll only board once. I want Disney villain levels of evil, baby.  

That said, I could do without the virtual reality post on the way out of town...

It almost undoes how cool the super yacht is. Imagine having $170 BILLION and choosing to live in VR? Yuck. Anyway, here's the yacht...


And yes, that's a 66-foot "support vessel" that follows him around with his cars/other boats/toys. 

From The Post:

In March, the Launchpad was spotted at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after making its maiden voyage from the Netherlands, The Sun reported.

Zuckerberg reportedly spent a cool $300 million as a “birthday present” for himself. The outlet said the superyacht was originally Russian-commissioned, which caused a delay in its arrival to the United States due to economic sanctions.

Zuckerberg was seen touring the ship in the Netherlands in early March, according to The Sun.  It is said to be the 46th largest ship of its kind in the world, with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.

Launchpad requires a whopping $30 million in annual upkeep, according to the SuperYacht Fan blog. It can purportedly house up to 24 guests and 48 crew members.

And there you have it. Zuckerberg is finally starting to act like he billionaire he is. $300 million super yacht with $30 million in annual upkeep? Why not? Easy come easy go! So happy birthday to the godfather of social media. Enjoy the sailing and may all your dreams come true!