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A Tale As Old As Time: Video Of Mbappe In Awe Of A Woman At Cannes Goes Viral, Internet Thinks They ID Her, She Promptly Gets 70k IG Followers

Got ourselves a good old fashioned Internet story here and really just the Mbappe effect too. It started with this video from Cannes over the weekend: 

Laugh out loud funny seeing him stop in his tracks. Just goes to show you that even the richest and most famous people in the world can be frozen when they see someone attractive. Dude was left in awe, speechless, didn't know how to move when she showed up. But this is where the Internet does its thing. I don't know how someone figured out who she is, you can't really see her. But when it comes to identifying someone the Internet can do such a thing in mere hours. 

She had like 2k followers at the time. Now? At the time of me writing this blog she's nearing 72k. Pretty impressive! Not surprisingly Mbappe fans are flooding her Instagram comments. 


No one has actually confirmed it's her, but why ruin a good Internet story? She hasn't posted anything, keeping it low. Hell, we don't even know her name besides Lea. That's it, one name, like McLovin. If it's someone in her group of friends leading the charge? Well, that's just good business. That's how you build a brand from nothing. I mean this story is now everywhere. I see it on Mail, The Sun, all over Twitter, you name it, her Instagram is now out there. 

[Source] - Footage of the former Monaco man being left in awe by a mystery woman went viral and was, unsurprisingly, turned into a meme.

Social media went into a frenzy trying to find out the identity of the lady who drew such a stare from the ice-cold striker.

And their wish was seemingly granted by one of her pals, who commented on one of the viral videos with her Instagram handle.

They wrote: "@leatsa I think Kyck (Kylian) has his eye on you."

This might just be the start of the summer for Mbappe. We know he's leaving PSG for Real Madrid finally. But today you have France's President trying to demand he gets released for the Olympics. 


Just goes to show you what one look from Mbappe can do for business. 70k IG followers is absurd.