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Athlete: Austin Reaves Was Bored So He Hopped In His Truck And Played In A Monday Qualifier For The Korn Ferry Tour, Shoots A 76

There are a couple of things that stick out right away to me here. First, Austin Reaves is just a normal ass dude who happens to play basketball for the Lakers. He's sitting around bored and decides to go golf. That's something that every single one of us has lived through. You know how it is when you're in your slow time during work or in the summer. You have that Friday where you're like fuck this, I'm just going to play 18 because there's nothing going on. Is it typically a Monday qualifier for the Korn Ferry Tour, of course not. But you have your buddy who finds the new course for you to go play and you get jazzed up. That's basically what happened here. 

Second, rubbing in the fact that you shot a 76 without practice and give yourself a B-? Come on man. Some of us would kill for a 76 no matter the course. Some of us can't just show up and give that a B-. A B- for most us is like a 95 or so on a regular course. Brutal part is he shot a 76 with a triple on a par 3

Between that and the 4 bogeys down the stretch he could have been staring at an even round, maybe even better. It's not like he's some scrub, that's a good ass swing. I know the whole athlete being good at golf too isn't abnormal, it's just bullshit. It's unfair for guys to be that good at multiple things. You can't start for the Lakers, play for Team USA and then go shoot a 76. You get to be awesome at one thing that most of us dream of as kids, and really, adults.

The whole career arc for Austin Reaves is unbelievable when you think of it. Started at Wichita State, transfers to Oklahoma before signing a two-way deal with the Lakers. Turns into a starter, was in headlines for a bizarre rumor of dating Taylor Swift. Turned that into a Team USA appearance and now trying his hand at golf. Not a bad life at all.