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Free Scottie: We Got Lawyers Arguing About Whether Scottie Scheffler Is Being Treated Like A Normal Citizen, Court Arraignment Delayed Until June

So here we are now 4 days removed from Scottie Scheffler getting arrested outside of Valhalla before round 2 of the PGA Championship. It's only getting weirder. On Sunday it was reported that the charges were expected to be dropped. Yesterday we had the arraignment get delayed until June 3 and lawyers starting to get into pissing matches about it all. Here's what I do know from a good friend who is a lawyer in Louisville - it's not normal for the county attorney to show up for arraignments, so he's already treating Scottie different. 

I say this with all sincerity, this is all just looking worse and worse for Louisville as a whole. You had a tragic death early in the morning on Friday. You have this arrest, all of this overshadowing a golf tournament at a place that people want to see host more. Now you're dealing with the fallout and that fallout includes a county attorney trying to prove a point when it comes to Scottie Scheffler and a pretty clear misunderstanding. There's no one who is sitting here arguing that Scottie intentionally went out of his way to ruin that cop's pants. 

Oh and respectfully, don't fucking talk for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We all don't care that Scottie Scheffler flew home. There's no one who cares, probably even in Kentucky's government. Dude keeps saying 'when appropriate' like he's Charlie Kelly's uncle arguing about hands. One of the worst showings I've seen from an attorney considering how quickly he lost that objection. Let the man pay his fine. There's no bodycam footage, there's no nothing, which means we're gonna need to see that cop's $80 pants ruined beyond repair. Only move they have now.