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Great Guy Bryce Harper Helping Local Kid With A Promposal Is Simply An Awesome Sight To See

Bryce you doggone man of the damn people you! Well done good sir. Where else are you going to find a 2x MV3 take time out of his precious off day to help a young buck in need of a prom date? The man is worth a zillion dollars and is assisting the common man with love on your average Monday. Love to see it. It's a great move by the kid, obviously. If you can get one of the best figures in sports to do your Prom asking for you, you get him. Although you gotta factor in the risks involved. Bryce is a happily married father of 3, but there's always a chance your girl (or more likely your father) falling head over heels for the superstar. For real. Her hugging Bryce first was a TOUGH 3 sec, as noticed by expert cucker Robert Fox: 

But it's all about love in the end. And that handshake with Bryce freaking Harper on your doorstep combined with your child being over the moon happy is the closest thing to a complete Dadgasm one can attain in life. 

Hang it over the fireplace and call it a life. Or at least until after a few Red Octobers when this moment can be recreated with a few WS rings and a marriage proposal. As for now, it's back to business vs. the reigning champion Rangers who the Phillies for some reason haven't beat in a decade. Time for the best team in baseball to keep on doing best team in baseball things. 

PS - It's awesome to see Bryce using his fame and power to spread good across the community while former stars in this city would spread other things around the Delaware Valley. No, I'm not sure why this interaction made me think of the old Bird Text/Delco Proper gem "Burrelled My Girl", but it did. And here we are. Maybe it's because the now Tires guys which include the great Tommy Pope and McKeever are rightfully going to the moon and/or Andy Nolan would've given Bryce one helluva Dadshake, too.