"I'm Gonna Get Some Cheeks After This" - Cam'ron's Interview About Diddy On CNN Last Night Went Completely Off The Rails, Capped Off With Him Ripping A Shot Of His Own Sex Drink

Last night CNN had on their astute legal analyst Cam'ron on to talk about the Diddy situation. From start to finish it was a glorious train wreck of an interview that a late night show producer could only dream of. 

Big problem off the jump? The rapper had absolutely zero intentions of talking about Diddy. That question about recognizing his anger put him in a mental pretzel which set everything off. Thought he was actually being asked to identify Diddy in the video and couldn't imagine the confusion. The CNN host keeping a straight face that whole interview deserves an award 

The icing on the cake was Cam'ron ripping a shot of Pink Horsepower mid-interview, which after a quick Google search I learned was his secret love potion for the bedroom. Saying "I'm gonna get some cheeks after this" live on CNN is tremendous, but that's just the Horsepower life. 

For more on Pink Horsepower let's watch this educational video. Oh look, that's Diddy! 

Not great. 

So the question then becomes, who on Earth set this up for Cam'ron? Was he bamboozled? Did he know all along? He talked about it this morning on his show, but before clicking the video please lower your volume because the woman's mic was cranked up to 1000 for some reason. 

Hilarious yet so fitting that he's in the same clothes as last night. That's what a night on Pink Horsepower does for you. You're not going home after a shot of that, the night is just beginning on the PH. Have to assume he got them cheeks. Also he claims to be mad at CNN for asking him about Diddy, when he pretty much admits he knew he was being invited on to talk about that exact topic. He wasn't immediately given the floor to promote his own show, but they did air a clip from it. Not the end of the world either way as far as I see it. 

If you want a glimpse of what his show usually has going on, please watch below as they once used a stunt double because he was running late. 


But back to the interview, CNN knew damn well in their damn mind what they were getting into having Cam'ron on late at night. They wanted clicks and boy did they get them. You think a man who revamped the number 11 was going to play ball with your questions? This is a different mind we're talking about. 

P.S. Whenever you need a laugh just watch this