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200 IQ: Twitter Finance Influencer Says He's Up 271% By Longing The Stock Of Rich People Who Wait In The Costco Return Line

This era of the AI Twitter/LinkedIn finance bros is a sight to behold. I can't even discern AI from reality anymore, like when that finance bro on LinkedIn proposed to his girlfriend and said it taught him about business-to-business sales:

But this one is objectively funny. I think I'd absolutely want a stingy employee over someone who doesn't care because it's $8? Imagine having a whole office of people who are so nitpicky about the little things? They'd be unstoppable. We don't even have people who can throw out trash after a Knicks livestream in this place.

And I'm not a financial advisor, but someone in the replies said a shortcut is to just buy Costco stock and that may be true. You know those people aren't going anywhere because what does a stingy employee probably have? Loyalty. And think about it, worst case scenario, you have an office in Austin and this is the scenes on a Tuesday at 2 pm because you let everyone work from home:

Great cross-promotion of the blog by me. I'd buy my self improvement book.