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Update On The Jays Fan Who Got Hit In The Forehead With A 110 MPH Foul Ball: Topps Is Printing 110 Copies Of Her Very Own Trading Card

Yesterday I wrote about Liz McGuire, the Blue Jays fan who took 110 off the noggin via a foul ball from Bo Bichette. She toughed it out like most baseball fans would and stayed at the game while getting treatment from the Blue Jays first aid and went home without the ball. Tagged the Blue Jays and everything, you'd think the people up north who are supposed to be friendly would provide this young lady a couple gifts to make up for her misfortune. But nope, nothing from those cowards up there. Not a serious franchise. 

Anyways, Topps swooped in and decided to get in on the viral moment and had a little announcement for her.

110 copies are being published, which is 1 card for every MPH her head took. Funny stuff from Topps. I still can't believe the Jays haven't even reached out to her or mentioned anything despite 11 million views on the initial tweet. Ignoring a fan that is going mega viral while your team is in last place is certainly a choice. Things were already tough in Toronto and now they are getting cucked by Topps. You hate to see it.