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Isiah Thomas' Tweet Praising The NBA's Officials Suggests There's A Chance He's Currently Being Held Hostage

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You know how there's that trend on Twitter where you tweet something that would show the world you're currently being held hostage? It's a trend where you tweet out something that you would never say in real life, and the idea is that it would signal to the world that something's up.

Well, I think Isiah Thomas might currently be being held hostage

Serious question, how else can you explain this tweet? So far I'm working on a few theories

1.) Adam Silver cut Isiah a check. 

Everyone knows the NBA's officiating is complete dogshit and has already determined the outcomes of numerous playoff games, so Adam Silver knows he has to change the narrative. How do you do that? You give Isiah a shit ton of money to put that tweet out in hopes it goes viral and the word starts spreading. Maybe the idea is a die-hard Pistons fan will just blindly follow Isiah's word and treat it as gospel? People believe anything on Twitter these days if it comes from someone famous, so maybe that was the play by the league office right before the Conference Finals and NBA Finals. 

2.) Isiah Thomas has never watched an NBA basketball game involving any ref in this picture

This one I find to be the least likely, so I almost didn't want to include it. The reason I put it in the blog is this tweet is something a person says who has never watched an NBA game before. These officials have great temperament, restraint, and an understanding of emotions?????? 

Let me ask you a quick question.

Would ANYONE who has ever watched a Tony Brothers or Scott Foster officiated game ever come away with that take? Hell no. It's virtually impossible if you've actually watched them ref a game. So for Isiah to say that, is it possible he's somehow blind and has never seen a single NBA game being played? Would that maybe explain his Knicks GM tenure and evaluation process? 

3.) Isiah is currently being held hostage by Mat Ishbia.

This is a trend on Twitter for a reason as far as I'm concerned. And even though I have zero clue if it's actually signaled a real hostage situation, there's certainly a first time for everything. With that in mind, I started thinking about why the hell Matt Ishbia would hold Isiah hostage.

Then it hit me.

Remember last year when it leaked that new Suns owner Mat Ishbia was going to bring in Isiah Thomas to be part of his brain trust, and then everyone freaked out so he had to deny it immediately? You see that video, does that look like a guy who was never going to bring in Isiah in the first place or a guy scrambling because everyone lost their shit. 


Fast forward to what we just watched happen with the Suns in 2024. A 4 game sweep in the first round? Reports that the Suns front office refused to listen to their former head coach Frank Vogel about needing a point guard despite everyone with eyes knowing their roster needed a point guard? You know what that is? That's Isiah Thomas team building. That's the type of quality decision making he showed running the Knicks, so maybe it wasn't James Jones' fault and Ishbia really did ask for Isiah's help with the team?

Now, after it's clear whatever decisions were being made were a complete disaster, Ishbia has lost it and is now holding Isiah hostage for ruining his franchise. Because make no mistake, the Suns are cooked and they are cooked in record time. A second apron team with no picks and an aging best player combined with another player on the decline who has a no-trade clause, things aren't great. Maybe that's enough for a desperate owner to snap, who knows?

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What I do know, is that tweet is insane. Nobody, and I mean nobody tweets something like that out of their own volition. No chance.