No-Brainer: Adam Sandler Wants John Daly And Tiger Woods To Have Roles In Happy Gilmore 2, Both Need To Make It Happen

First off, yeah this interview is a tough watch, just goes to show you that even the richest of people can have Internet connection problems. Just not something that happens on The Dozen. Second, we start to get an idea about what Adam Sandler wants Happy Gilmore 2 to be. Basically him competing on tour vs the younger guys, sound familiar? 

Augusta National. Getty Images.
Augusta National. Getty Images.

Still think they gotta involve a LIV type scenario here. Lean all the way into the storylines going on in golf right now. And yeah, I mean, no one was begging for a Happy Gilmore 2, but we're getting it. Now they just need to make it entertaining enough that we don't hate watch it. That's all this shit ever comes down to for the majority of people. Be entertaining and we won't scream about how bad it is. 

Does Tiger need to do this? Of course not, he's rich and can do whatever he wants. But we're talking about a new Tiger. He's outgoing, he's cracking jokes with people, he can for sure do a quick spot in Happy Gilmore 2 and help Sandler out. You know Shooter McGavin is going to be in it. Now give us Daly and Woods and it at least has the names for all of us to watch it once. 

Seems simple here, just make all the big names into roles. Sydney Sweeney in the Julie Bowen role. Tiger Woods as the commissioner and John Daly in the role of Chubbs. Go ahead and keep Verne Lundquist because Verne Lundquist fucking rules. Not sure who can be the new Bob Barker, maybe TJ Lavin. That works as a Challenge fan. Either way, Daly and Tiger? Yeah, make it happen.