My Full Pardon My Take Internship Interview With Big Cat And PFT From Five Years Ago

In case you haven't heard, Pardon My Take is looking for a summer intern. This will be the first time since 2019 that the top sports podcast in America will be adding to its roster via a nationwide search. When this last happened, myself and Jilly Football were fortunate enough to join PMT five years ago. 

Last week, I found the full, unedited version of my Pardon My Take internship interview in May of 2019, and posted it above. The only version I was able to find was very blurry, however, the audio is fine and there really isn't much to see aside from us sitting at the desk.

It is crazy to think that this was half a decade ago already. I remember my heart racing as I turned the corner and walked into the NYC PMT studio (yes, that's where we were sitting for this. It was right when they moved to the new office). What a ride it has been. This was the first email I sent to the crew to express my interest:

About a week later, Hank responded with the offer. That happened to be exactly five years ago from today. Wild.

If you would like to have a chance at working for Pardon My Take, I highly recommend applying for this summer internship. You never know what it can lead to.