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This PK Subban Speech On Pardon My Take On What It Takes To Win A Stanley Cup Will Get You Fired Up For The Rest Of The Playoffs

On today's Pardon My Take... PK SUBBAN! The former NHL player and current hockey analyst for ESPN joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to talk about Stanley Cup Playoffs, we drag him into the deep end with a Connor McDavid debate, who's going to win the Cup and a great speech about keeping physical plays in the gray area in the game.

Speaking of great speeches, Subban highlighted the grind and difficulty that it takes to win the Stanley Cup. When the season starts, there are 700+ hockey players who put on skates with the dreams of hoisting in The Cup in June. But the reality is that just 25 of them will make that a reality. Take a look at what PK had to say about that on today's show...

These are some AWESOME words by PK Subban. All those workouts, all of that travel across two different countries, and every single one of those guys in the NHL have the same exact goal: to win the Stanley Cup. 

I love that PK got so fired up that his headphones maxed out during the rant. So good. You have to love the passion that he brought to today's PMT. This comes at a perfect time as well, with a Game 7 between Edmonton and Vancouver looming in just a few hours.