Tom Hanks Asking His Son Chet To Explain The Kendrick/Drake Beef To Him Is The Wholesome Father/Son Moment Of The Year

When Chet Hanks went viral a few years ago for being a Jamaican rapper, I immediately wondered what his relationship with his father Tom was like. Not that I thought there was strife there, necessarily, but the two personalities seemed so polar opposite I couldn't even imagine what a conversation between them would look like. It's like trying to picture Dave Portnoy having a conversation with Spongebob Squarepants.  

We don't have to try to picture a conversation between them anymore, though - because we get to read one! Tom (shockingly) reached out to Chet for intel on the Kendrick/Drake beef, and Chet blessed us with a couple screenshots! It's a pretty funny read, as well!

For starters, Tom opening up with "Big Main" is the upset of the century. That's gotta be an insane joke between them, right? Tom ain't kicking off every conversation with "Big Main" - no way. 

He asks for info on the beef, Chet gives it to him - yadda yadda yadda, BORRRRING - and Tom hits him with a simple "Holy cow! These are fighting words! People taking sides?? Who's winning??" which reveals he didn't read a single word Chet sent him. Especially since Chet's message ends with "....which solidified the win not only for Kendrick but the entire West Coast."

Tom essentially hit Chet with a polite version of this....

It's still nice, though! Tom Hanks somehow caught wind of a big rap beef, and thought "Chet loves rap! He probably knows all about this! Let me text him!" 

It's a wholesome father/son moment and glimpse into one of the most under-the-radar interesting families in the world.