Draymond Green Doing Nothing But Shitting All Over Players And Teams Still In The Playoffs Is Getting Pretty Lame

Sean M. Haffey. Getty Images.

A few weeks ago, Pat Riley said it best

As we know, it's much easier to throw shade/troll/talk shit when you don't have to be on the court to back it up. Whether that's players who are enjoying their vacations or players who also cosplay as media talking heads once their season ends. 

Take Draymond for example. While there is a slight difference between what Jimmy Butler did after his Heat were eliminated in the first round compared to what we're currently seeing Draymond Green do after his Warriors didn't even make the playoffs, the general idea is the same. Draymond is now filling the role of a media talking head, which requires him to give his opinion. The problem with that is he's not actually giving any analysis, he's just trolling/playing off his own personal beefs whenever he's given the opportunity.

Remember what he had to say about Rudy Gobert earlier in the MIN/DEN series?

It was very clear that Draymond couldn't put his hatred of Gobert aside. Even though this take aged like milk, Draymond still couldn't even give Gobert his credit after he played a gigantic role in the Wolves' comeback last night. That whole Draymond/Gobert thing is just sad at this point. It's very clear he cannot be objective when talking Gobert, which I would think is pretty important for a media personality who is tasked with discussing basketball. 

But there's more. We also had Draymond tell us that the Knicks were fake


which again was weird. I'm pretty sure everyone with eyes could see that the Knicks were not a fluke this season, and their playoff run was heavily impacted by injuries to key players. That doesn't mean they would have won had those injuries not happened, but it's part of their story. That doesn't make their season a fluke or that they are fake. Then, instead of admitting that maybe he was just being a hater, Draymond doubled down

And now, we have Draymond setting his sights on the Pacers, calling them an 82 game team/continuing to throw shade at teams still alive in the playoff race

The Pacers didn't only make the ECF because "someone had to get there". That is so fucking lame. They made the ECF because they earned it. They went into MIL and won, then took care of their own business on their home floor. Even with the Giannis injury people didn't think the Pacers were going to win that series, and they pulled it out.

Then against the Knicks, they went on the road in a Game 7 and put up one of the best Game 7 offensive performances in NBA history. Who cares that the Knicks were without their entire roster, you still have to go out and execute. I just don't see why it's so hard to talk about the actual basketball things the Pacers have done to earn this Final Four spot and instead just chalk it up to "well someone had to make it". That's just hating to hate in my opinion. 

Remember, Draymond's Warriors were barely a Play In team this season. His own actions were basically why the Warriors were cooked in back to back seasons. Despite those facts, continuing to hate on teams that have made the Conference Finals doesn't make any sense. By the very definition, a team cannot be an "82 game team" if they made the Final Four. Remember when Draymond started his podcast so he could be an alternative source and this "new media" outlet? In reality, he's basically Skip Bayless & Co. Is this not the Skip routine?


But hey, I guess just like it does for Skip, Draymond realized this is the stuff that plays. It gets blogs written, clips go viral on Twitter, and he never has to answer for his baseless hating. Not a bad gig if you can get it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's extremely lame.