Harbaugh Guy: JJ McCarthy Sold The Vikings On Him As QB1 By Talking About Running Through Brick Walls During His Draft Interview

This is a man who played for Jim Harbaugh, he knows what it take to live and breathe football and win guys over. Easy sell here as a quarterback to hold a football during an interview, nail the plays and then say the words every head coach wants. I'll run through a brick wall for you. Love the breakdown from McCarthy about it too. Spent all night trying to figure out a good way to leave an impression and this is what he came up with. Harbaugh 101 right there. 

I love these videos though and no idea why we don't get one from every team after the Draft ends. It's a slow sports day with only MLB and a game 7 in hockey on, so drop them all now anyways. We'll watch. I am a massive nerd, I know this, I love seeing how draft rooms work. I know why we don't get videos of them during the draft night, but I'd love if somehow we could get this without tipping picks and strategy. I just want to see how each team thinks so then I can make fun of them or not. 

Do I think McCarthy is going to be fine in the NFL? Of course. First off he has Justin Jefferson to throw to. Second, there was this from Sean Payton: 

You don't gloat like this before a game is even played and not have it backfire. That's just basic knowledge. You can't sit here and make fun of the Vikings for trading up for the guy they wanted and then it not work out. Feel like it's gotta be a 100% hit rate that the player everyone mocks turns out to be a hell of a player. 

Love the little tidbit at the end too by McCarthy saying he only told two other coaches that before. How giddy do you think Harbaugh got when he said it? You know that shit plays with Harbaugh more than anyone else. Wouldn't be surprised if Harbaugh ran through a brick wall with McCarthy as some sort of team bonding. Can't say it doesn't work when they have the title to back it up.