An Ohio Postal Worker Was Caught Racing Her Mail Van Against A Mustang At 105 MPH

Look it's no secret that I've had quite the stick up my ass with the United States Postal Service since moving to Chicago. And after 5 weeks of receiving absolutely zero mail, going to the central office not once but three times, and spending hours on the telephone.....I'm still not sure I'm getting all the letters I'm supposed to. But let me be very clear, that will not be factored into this blog one bit. 

This blog will stick to the facts only, starting with the mind-blowing fact that this mail van got up to ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE miles per hour. Talk about trying to change the narrative of Snail Mail. And obviously this was more of a mail van than the traditional mail carrier vehicle, but back where I'm from, I'm not sure I've ever seen one go faster than 10 miles an hour from house to house, so the fact that this lady got his going 100+ is very impressive. Bet you didn't see that coming, that this was a woman racing her mail van either... 

Unfortunately, the next fact we must address is how extremely unethical it is for a public employee to treat not only their profession, but their equipment as well with no respect. Am I wrong or do tax payers pay for these mail vans? And we're going to street race them? How about we focus on delivering letters before trying to go 105 mph in broad daylight, right in front of cops, racing against Mustangs. Talk about a black eye on the entire organization as a whole. But hopefully this is just one bad apple, and it doesn't reflect the USPS as a whole. 

I'm assuming they encouraged the book be thrown at her, right? Wrong. I'm literally shaking as I type this....but do you good people at home have any idea what the going rate is for getting pulled over in a USPS van is? Fired? 5 years probation? 25 to life in prison? Nope, we're talking a small fine and a WARNING!

She waived the case, which is now closed, and paid $50 as the first installment of a $240 fine for the traffic violation after receiving a verbal warning for racing.

Our public servants need to be held to a higher standard than this. And it does sound like the USPS is looking into this further, but my guess is the Union worker keeps her job and collects paychecks the entire time.