Flawless Execution: George Kittle Caught Two Beers From Brock Purdy While On Stage With Luke Combs And Promptly Turned Into Stone Cold

When you're on stage or really at any point in life if you catch two beers, you have a decision to make. Do you crack them open, turn into Stone Cold Steve Austin or do you not understand the moment? It's no secret that George Kittle is a diehard wrestling fan, like most normal people, his brain went right there. You have to execute and he did. Credit to Brock Purdy here too. He looks the part of what Brock Purdy should look like here. Carry out the beer, deliver a toss and cheer your guy on. Kittle was made to be Stone Cold and that's exactly what he did. 

Say what you want, but if you're a child from the 90s, you know exactly how to Stone Cold. It's not about drinking as much beer in your mouth as possible, no it's about presentation. It's about putting on a show. That's what made Stone Cold elite. 

Only thing somewhat missing was Kittle hitting Purdy with a stunner. I get you don't want to risk injury, but turning on Purdy and seeing Purdy sell a Stunner would have been the moment. It doesn't matter how famous you are, if you can perfectly execute the Stone Cold beer shower, it always plays. That's what makes it important here. 

There are also few people in the NFL who can pull this move off. They tend to be tight ends, further proof that tight ends are a different breed. The only other ones are offensive linemen. We know they love to chug beers at hockey games, they could do this on stage too. Can't have your quarterback being the one turning into Stone Cold, it wouldn't make sense. Further proof wrestling always rules the world.