Tyrese Haliburton Being Corny As Hell, Trying To Be A Villain And Begging Knicks Fans To Hate Him Is Proof The Knicks/Pacers Rivalry Is Back On

Now can Tyrese Haliburton do whatever he wants? Sure, this is the rule I live by. If you win, you get to act however you want. But come on, this is corny as shit. This is trying way too hard to be a villain and have Knicks fans hate you. We don't like you because you play for the Pacers, love to talk shit only when you're winning, turtled in other games and got bailed out by Andrew Nembhard. 

Reggie is a villain because of how he acted. He embraced it, it was natural. That's why it's always fuck Reggie Miller, especially after this post. 

The series didn't change there. The series changed when OG got hurt, and yes injuries are part of the game. It's not the excuse, but that's when the series changed. The Knicks lost the biggest advantage they had of putting OG on Siakam and another shooter out there so the Pacers couldn't just collapse. The series changed against when Nembhard drained that 3 in game 3. The series changed in game 7 when the Knicks couldn't get a goddamn stop on anyone. It wasn't because Josh Hart told Reggie Miller the MSG crowd was chanting fuck Reggie. 


I want nothing more than a rivalry with the Pacers again. I want to see them in the playoffs every year for the next 5 years. It feels good to hate them again. The feelings all came back over those 7 games like I was back in the mid-90s again. There's nothing like a rivalry reignited and getting to feel some hate in your life again as a fan.