NASCAR Clearly Has The Best All Star Game Out Of Any Sport After Kyle Busch And Ricky Stenhouse Jr Fight After The Race

All-Star games across all sports have been getting pretty lackluster over the years. I don't know if it's because there's so much money in sports nowadays that guys just don't care about playing in exhibition games as much. I don't know if maybe we're just getting older and less enamored by the idea of an all-star game. But whatever the case may be, all-star games used to be must-watch events and now they're difficult to watch for more than 5 minutes. 

The NHL all-star game is just a glorified overtime. It's borderline illegal to play defense in the NBA all-star game. The Pro Bowl is another year away from just turning into Nickelodeon Slime Time. 

But the NASCAR All Star Race? Well don't tell these guys that it's just an exhibition. This isn't just a meaningless race to these boys. They are willing and ready to throw down over this shit. 

You could take every single player at the NBA all-star game, combine them together, and you still wouldn't have as much heart as you saw from Stenhouse Jr and Kyle Busch here. Those guys would rather be sipping on some tasty little tropical drink in Cancun than playing in that game. The closest thing we've gotten to this in any all-star game over the past 10 years would be this fake fight between Patrick Kane and John Scott a few years ago at the NHL ASG. 


Two guys just smiling and giggling it up. Meanwhile, it looks like Ricky Stenhouse Jr legitimately wants to punch Kyle Busch's face into a million little pieces. It just means more in NASCAR, I guess. 

The rest of the major sports leagues need to take notice here. We're not watching any more all star games unless you're bringing this type of energy. The standard is the standard.