Blue Jays Fan Goes Viral For Taking A 110 MPH Bo Bichette Foul Ball Off The Forehead And Taking It Like A Champ Even Though She Didn't Even Get To Keep The Ball

The #1 rule of going to any baseball game is to keep your head on a swivel for foul balls. You just have to since ya never know when someone like Bo Bichette will hit a screamer over the net and nail you right in the forehead at a cool 110 MPH that has you looking like you are trying to smuggle the ball under your skin.

We've all been a game where someone gets hit and it doesn't look good. I remember being at the Yankees - Orioles ALCS in 1996 and saw an old woman in front of me get knocked out by a Brady Anderson foul ball right to the middle of her forehead, she was out cold. 

But not Liz. She took 110 off the dome and stuck around to see if the Blue Jays could hang on against the Rays. What a champ. Yet somehow she didn't get to keep the ball after all that.

Who on earth watches this happen and doesn't give her the ball? There should be a rule in stadiums that if you have the laces from that baseball imprinted on your brain, you get to keep it. It's a foul ball, what is that lady going to do with it at home? You have to be an absolute savage to pick up a ball that smashed someone in the face and then step over them Allen Iverson style so you can go home to place it on your mantle.

The Blue Jays had a chance to do a really cool thing too, but last time I checked they hadn't done anything for Liz. Give her a package of gifts! Signed Bo Bichette ball, some shirts, a hoodie, gift card, maybe even an ice pack. Do something! Shout out Liz for being a trooper through all of this after walking away with nothing but a welt, a bruise, and a story.