Jamal Murray Is Not A Top 10 Guard In The NBA

Matthew Stockman. Getty Images.

I'll start with saying, I like Jamal Murray. He's a very good player. His offense can be special and he was tearing it up today with 24 points in the 1st half. But I needed to put this in perspective to all these people singing his praises that clearly hadn't been watching the NBA Playoffs til now.

I was absolutely hounded for this take. And granted, he was going off, so I understand it. But all those guys on that list, a list that doesn't include Luka Doncic (who I'd consider a point forward), Jaylen Brown (who is a more natural SF), Derrick White (who is an elite two-way Guard) and others. I'd slot Jamal Murray in right below Tyrese Haliburton. Arguably you can put Murray above, but Haliburton is the real deal. 

Murray has never been the #1 option, behind Nikola Jokic, which isn't his fault. This postseason wasn't kind to Murray, who to his credit, was big in the NBA Finals last year. But 20.6 points per game on a paltry 40.2% shooting, and 31.7% from downtown isn't going to cut it. Murray is a gifted scorer with unique passing ability but is a liability on defense.

Could you say that for some of the guys up there? Yes, definitely. Damian Lillard is one of the worst defenders in the league, but he's a proven #1 option (now a #2, but still a beast). Tyrese Haliburton isn't a good defender, but again he's his team's top option and his team is still playing in the East.

At the end of the day, Murray is a nice player with average size, sub-par length, that lacks defensive skills. He certainly can shoot, create, dribble, and pass, but that doesn't make him better than the guys I mentioned, who can all do that. I like Jamal Murray, but he's probably the 12th best Guard in the league...