The Scumbag New York Knicks Are Headed To Cancun, While The Indiana Pacers Are Headed To The Eastern Conference Finals

After Game 5, Knicks fans at The Garden were chanting, We Want Boston. 

Then New York Knicks showed up to Indianapolis dressed all in black for the Pacers funeral to not only get out hustled and lose in Game 6, but to go back to The Garden for Game 7 to lose BACK TO BACK games to Indiana. 

Game 7 wasn't just a loss, it was a historic beat down that left these east coast scumbags crying in their Sunday sauce. A loss so bad that it will live in the playoff record books, forever haunting Knicks fans. Every now and then, when New Yorkers are trying to watch some hoops, and relax after an exhausting day of being loud and obnoxious, the broadcast will have a graphic pop up with  on the screen with a little statistical reminder that the Indiana Pacers shot 67.1% against them on their their own home court, during one of the best Game 7 performances of all time. 

Knicks fans are flooding the timeline with all their excuses and what if's, and all I have to say is, rest up in Cancun. Sports are a roll of the dice. Part of sports is not only the best team winning, but the healthiest. Justify losing the series however you want, but myself and every other Indiana fan is going to enjoy going to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

We haven't been this deep in the playoffs since the Paul George era in 2014. Vegas had us as a play-in tournament team to start the season. Now, we are playing with house money, and ahead of schedule. We pushed the chips in to get Pascal Siakam, and it's paying off. We have a 24 year old super-star in the making in Tyrese Haliburton. Any media member or fan who thinks Haliburton is a wanna be super-star can go kick rocks. At 24 years old Brunson was a backup on the Mavs bench, where a season later at 25 years old, he was told to put his ass after underperforming in the playoffs. Now at 27 years old, Brunson has reached NBA cold blooded killer status as he's developed and been put in charge of his team. Haliburton is playing great. So if you're hating on Hali, either learn ball, or shut your fucking mouth. 


The entire Pacers team is young and/or inexperienced in the playoffs, and they were able to do what the struggled with all year - consistency in back to back games. The future for the Pacers is looking bright, and our season keeps going with more basketball. As every fan and media member begins to doubt us, saying the Pacers will get swept, I'm slowly starting believe. We've got Aaron Nesmith revenge factor, TJ McConnell as weapon X, and the best home court advantage in basketball. Defend home, and all we need is 1 game on the road. I fuck, I'm starting to believe.