Xander Does It! He Finally Won A Major With A Ballsy Putt On The Last Hole

Finally. I don't care to admit I love Xander. He's one of my favorite golfers on tour and it took a nervy 6-foot putt to win it on the last hole. Say what you want about Valahlla but that course fucking delivers when it comes to majors. It comes down to making a putt on the last hole, a perfect par-5 and Xander hit a couple perfect shots to get it. Let's not act like it's an auto-birdie, especially where Xander hit his second from:

It's about time though. Xander was always too good of a golfer to not have a major. He deserves this and quite frankly won it, especially going out on Thursday and shooting a 62. You do that, you hold that lead and then answer every haymaker on Sunday and you won it. Nobody out there lost it, Xander straight up answered every shot, every bad hole (really just 10) and went toe-to-toe with the biggest names on the leaderboard. 

Look, I don't care who you are, that 6-foot putt is one you're begging someone in your group to say it's good. That's a great chip, you just want the credit for the birdie, knowing you're missing that putt. It's not easy. He needed the lip for it to drain and he did it. Good. The man plays his heart out for the US Ryder Cup team, he's been in contention a bunch of times during majors before and he finally got his. It's the only thing missing from his resume and a -21 will do it. Again, Valhalla delivers these sort of majors. I don't care about the number, it's about making that last putt and Xander drained it.