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SOFT: AMC Is Now Hitting "Goodfellas" With A Trigger Warning And Viewers Are Not Happy About It.

NY Post - They’re whacking a classic. AMC Networks added a trigger warning to the classic mob movie “Goodfellas” — rankling those who were in the film and wiseguys alike. “This film includes language and/or cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today’s standards of inclusion and tolerance and may offend some viewers,” a message reads at the top of the film when screened on the network.

The warning was first affixed to the movie during the height of Black Lives Matter riots when many businesses and cultural institutions made avoiding offense to various groups a core part of their missions. Disney has made a cottage industry of affixing warnings to their century-long oeuvre of content. “In 2020, we began adding advisories in front of certain films that include racial or cultural references that some viewers might find offensive,” an AMC rep told The Post.

But the warning for Goodfellas apparently doesn’t apply to other mob flicks. “The Godfather” — which also plays on AMC and features many of the same themes — is presented with a more standard “viewer discretion” warning covering “brief nudity, strong language and intense violence.”

“The f–king political correctness has f–king taken everything away,” Bo Ditel, a former NYPD cop who played a police officer in “Goodfellas,” told The Post. “This is how life was back then. It was not a clean beautiful thing. You can’t cleanse history. If you want to tell true history, you gotta tell it the way it is.”

It's a sad day when a hallmark such as AMC is becoming softer than a baby's ass. 

The flick, which has been cinematic staple since 1990, needs a trigger warning now? Of course it does. Because, apparently, in 2024, we’ve reached a point where audiences might need to be forewarned that a movie about violent, psychopathic criminals might contain some... violence. And psychopathy.

Who exactly is getting offended watching Goodfellas

Wig salesmen named Maury?

Tennis playing, corvette driving, yuppies?

Social club bartenders?

Shoe polishers?

Truck drivers with a penchant to oversleep?


 Men married to women named Karen?

Maybe AMC is worried about former mobsters who’ve gone straight?

I don't get it. Everybody else in the film that gets it is Italian, and we all know nobody gives a fuck about us being discriminated against, marginalized, ripped off, and culturally appropriated. So if it's not us AMC is worried about, and it's definitely not, then who is it? 

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p.s. - I still can't believe Ray Liotta is dead. What a shame. Such an incredible fucking performance in this movie.