Free Scottie: All The Charges Against Scottie Scheffler From His Arrest At The PGA Championship Are Now Expected To Be Dropped

This always felt like the expected outcome, no? I think the majority of people would say that. It makes sense, especially when we found out there's no body cam footage. 

That said, I was lucky enough to be at Valhalla for the 3rd round and let me tell you something. All people wanted to talk about was Scottie Scheffler. It didn't matter who you were talking to, where you were on the course or in the city, what was happening like Shane Lowry shooting a 62 yesterday, people just wanted to talk about Scottie's arrest. It's still the most bizarre thing to ever happen at a major, one of the more bizarre things to happen in sports. The world No. 1 in his first Tournament back is arrested outside the course hosting a major. 

Now it seems to at least be done. There may be a fine or something, but this always felt like how it was going to end. Obviously this took over the news, but the whole Tournament was weird for Scheffler. Ted Scott was off the bag yesterday so he could go to one of his kid's graduation. It was the first round over par this year. 

But at least it seems like this part of the 2024 PGA Championship is done with. Scottie is well out of contention, on the course now and actually pulled a couple of putts already. But with news of charges being dropped, he can move on with the rest of the season and everything. 

No word on if anyone is going to replace the cop's $80 pants. That, in a way, is the real story here. Out of all the dumb moments, the fact they put in there that his pants were ruined stole the show.