Clemson OL Walker Parks Was Done Incredibly Dirty by the New EA Sports College Football 25 Trailer

We all saw this trailer on Friday. It excited every man in America — well, maybe every one except Clemson offensive lineman Walker Parks.

If you pause the trailer on the shot of Clemson about to run down the hill in Death Valley, you can see why.

Yeah, that's tough. Parks is one of the first group of college players to have their likenesses in this beloved game and EA seemingly maxed out his weight. He's listed on Clemson's roster at 6'5", 310 pounds, so if he's 6'5" on the game, they must have him a biscuit away from 375.

I hope Parks has an agent or somebody who was on the phone giving EA an earful over the weekend, because this is just disrespectful. How is he supposed to even enjoy the game when they have him out there looking like a whale? That is some nasty work.

While I hope there aren't any more players getting done this dirty, I just want to get my hands on this game again. An 11-year wait is down to two months. We are so close.