Diddy Issues Apology On Instagram After Video Surfaces Of Him Brutally Attacking Former Girlfriend In Hotel Hallway

Aww. Poor Diddy. Take it easy on him guys, it was a "tough time in his life." That's why he viciously attacked his girlfriend in a hotel lobby then dragged her by her hair back to the room to do god knows what...because it was a "tough time." Seriously, fuck this guy. It's absolute bullshit he can't be charged either. 

Here's what the LA County District Attorney's office had to say...

It's insane to me that there's even a statute of limitations on stuff like this. WE HAVE THE VIDEO! PROSECUTE HIM!!! Break your own law I promise you no one will care. 

As gross as it is to say, I feel like Diddy is going to walk away from all this stuff. That's how it's shaping up and it's disgusting to think about. Hopefully the next time Diddy's in the news he'll be going to jail. Time will tell.