Ashley Madison Exec Claims Website Is Seeing A Massive Spike In Users After Netflix Drops 3 Part Docuseries

Source - The new documentary about Ashley Madison's infamous cyberattack isn't warning people away from the service ... according to one exec, it's actually boosting membership, including famous folks!

We talked with Paul Keable -- the Chief Strategy Officer for Ashley Madison -- and he tells us memberships are up in recent days thanks to "Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Scandal" going #1 on Netflix. Paul figures it's partly 'cause people forgot the site exists until they saw the doc.

The Video: 

Well that's lovely. I don't believe it for a second, but it's lovely none the less. I watched the docuseries last night and I can confidently say that you should not believe anything these people tell you. Their entire business model was built on lies. They lied about how many women were on the website, they lied about the security measures they took to insure anonymity, they even had Ashley Madison employees pose as users in order to keep customer credit cards on file. They are the Billy Mcfarland of dating websites. Sleazy scum who make a living off of taking advantage of people.

At its peak Ashley Madison allegedly had 37 MILLION users worldwide. Jerry wrote about it here...

Now? They have 365,000 "users per month", whatever that means. I also love how the guy in the video tries to claim that Netflix making the doc is a "testament to the resilience of their brand." Idiot…people just want to hear about sex, especially when the people having it are not supposed to be. It's scandalous, that's why they made the doc. Not as an ode to your brand you moron.

I will say though, it was well done. They interviewed this religious YouTube couple who had a public falling out because the husband was sleeping around and it was fascinating. You can watch the trailer here…

Spoiler alert. I can't believe she stayed with him. So what's the moral of the story? Don't cheat…and if you do don't use Ashley Madison. Have a lovely Sunday.