Adrian Yanez Is BACK With A Scary First Round TKO

Adrian Yanez is BACK in the W column after scoring a first round TKO against Vinicius Salvador at the UFC Apex tonight! Yanez had a tough 2023 where he suffered back-to-back losses to Rob Font and Jonathan Martinez, but this must've brought some confidence back to the bantamweight from Houston, huh?!

I gotta be honest, though - I have no idea what this matchmaking was all about. Vinicius Salvador hadn't fought since July 29, 2023 before this, where he missed weight and lost to CJ Vergara (and lost to Victor Altamirano before that) and he's simply LEVELS below Yanez. I guess you could say they were both bantamweights on 0-2 skids....but anyone who has ever seen these guys before coulda told you what was gonna happen in this fight. There was no world in which Yanez didn't go in there and get the job done quickly - and he did just that. It looked like he was playing a video game on the 'Easy' difficulty.

Salvador tried his best to fight off Yanez once he got dropped, but was probably too tough for his own good - because the ref gave him a long leash on stoppage and he was down for an uncomfortable amount of time after the TKO. He was still coming to his senses after they came back after a couple minutes of commercials which is always scary. Best wishes to him in a speedy recovery.

Congrats to Yanez, though - regardless of competition, he went in there and performed flawlessly tonight to get back on track, and that's huge. He also had a very emotional post-fight speech where he spoke about his hometown of Houston currently being affected by outages and damage after horrible storms, and he seems like a good dude. Excited to see what's next for him.