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The Fury/Usyk Walkouts Were INCREDIBLE

I'm positive Large is going to have more on this post-fight, but while he's locked in watching one of the biggest heavyweight fights in 25 years, I just wanted to shoutout both Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk on their tremendous walkouts tonight. 

From Usyk's majestic hat/robe combo to Fury's more everyman outfit, paired with Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero" - both were perfect, encapsulated each man very well, and set the stage for a big fight exactly how you'd want em to. This is one thing I wish the UFC would embrace as much as boxing - extravagant entrances. Dana White likes walkouts to be as bare-bones and not flashy as possible, and I've never understood that. Especially when the best walkouts in history feature special production resources/performances.....

On the flip side - the more you go all out with your walkout, the pressure to win only increases. Artur Szpilka did this in KSW last weekend....


….only to get knocked out in 14 seconds. You can't be pulling shit like that. They shoulda put him back in the tube to wheel him outta there; but I digress. Fury and Usyk (and DAZN production-wise) killed it and gave this fight the gravitas it deserved.

Watch Large's pre-fight content below….

….and follow Barstool Boxing with Large HERE. Also - quick shoutout to the Buffers. Absolute legends still doin the damn thing.