We Have A Potential Screw Job Of A Lifetime On This High School State Title Game

All time screw job potentially here folks. State title game and it looks as if it's a clear as day home run, yet the umps rule it a ground rule double. The next kid pops out and they lose. Lot to unpack here. Lots. 

Let's start with this ... it went over the fucking fence. I know I wasn't there, I know I am speculating but my God did that sure as shit look like it went over the fence clear as day. Now instead of a win we have a team heartbroken via a loss in the state fucking championship game. My God these umps better sure as shit be correct because if they aren't they fucked up royally and in the biggest spot possible. What a fucking crime. Absolute fucking crime of a blown call. Criminal. 

Healthy Debate : worse blown call .... this or the NJ basketball buzzer beater ?