I Would Like To Formally Submit This Video Of Dana Beers And Eddie At A Baseball Game To Cannes For Best 50 Second Film

Now THAT is cinema! Do we have another Barstool Film Festival coming up or do I have to submit this wonderful clip to Cannes, which will inevitably lead to those snooty assholes instantly rejecting this masterpiece because it's a tweet (or as those lames probably say "A post from X, formerly known as Twitter").

We can debate art all day long, but there is no way you can convince me this clip isn't pure magic for 50 candid seconds. Guys being dudes dressed as bikers, Dana Beers catching a foul ball then seamlessly giving it away to a kid (#somethings), and Eddie opening then closing the video with his signature laugh that sounds just like Muttley.

If you didn't have a smile on your face from the beginning of the video until the end, you either don't have a soul, don't appreciate theater (pronounced thee-ay-ter), or both. I would say knowing the caked up carnage that was under Dana's left armpit is the only thing that could make this video perfect, but it's almost better not seeing it because it adds to the mystery. Kinda like Marsellus Wallace's briefcase.

Giphy Images.

So unless we get a Snyder Cut featuring Dana's left pit, I am formally submitting this to Cannes, Tribeca, and any other fancy film festivals. Find me a better video that's exactly 50 seconds from the past year. You can't.